seaweed bath


The simplest and purest of our organic treatment processes, our detoxifying seaweed baths utilise the natural power of our organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise your skin, increase circulation and promote healing. An initial steam treatment will open your pores to the beneficial nutrients contained within our seaweed. Following this, we will immerse you in a bath of seaweed hand-harvested from the unspoilt Atlantic coast of Ireland. This treatment will relax the muscles, plump up and add definition to your skin, and support skin regeneration and renewal while combating the effects of aging.

If booking is within next 24 hours, or for group bookings, please call us directly at +353 71 9168686.

Please also ensure that you review the Spa Guidelines which will outline booking health requirements and prepare you for your visit.

All treatments are Soil Association and USDA certified.